250 words statutory codes related protection health children and adults

Learning Team Regulatory Website Exercise: (7 points) Each team member should visit your state’s Webpage and search for human services department policies and the state’s statutory code related to children and adult health and human services. Explore the various policies related to the delivery of human services in your state. If team members live in different states, be sure to compare and contrast any differences in state laws. Your paper should include:

·         statutory codes related to the protection of the health of children and adults for your state.   

·         comparison and contrast of any differences in state laws.

·         a discovery of the procedures for reporting child and elder abuse. 

·         your states’ child/elder/spouse abuse reporting laws.

·         research on laws governing confidentiality, privileged communication, and the right to privacy. 

·         reference to the Ethical Standards of Human Services Professionals and any other pertinent Code of Ethics.  

·         an introduction, a conclusion and a resource list.

Submit a 1000 – 1400 word paper summarizing your team’s thoughts on the issues that were raised. Post your final draft to the Assignments Section. 

My portion of the paper is highlighted below and should be about 250 words long… I live in the State of Idaho and my class  mates are from Florida, Mississippi, Missouri, and Virginia


  statutory codes related to the protection of the health of children and adults

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