A3 Assignment – 30 pointsGenetics Problems1. Complete this table to show the difference


9.  Flower color in snapdragons shows incomplete dominance.  A true breeding red flowered plant is crossed with a true breeding white flowered plant.  What are the expected colors of their offspring?

10.   A woman has type B blood and her child has type AB blood.  List all of the possible blood types of the father.


11.  Among Herford cattle there is a dominant allele called polled; the individuals that have this allele lack horns.  Suppose you acquire a herd consisting entirely of polled cattle, and you carefully determine that no cow in the herd has horns.  Some of the calves born that year, however, grow horns.  You remove them from the herd and make certain that no horned adult has gotten into your pasture.  Despite your efforts, more horned calves are born the next year. 

      What is the reason for the appearance of the horned calves? 

      If your goal is to maintain a herd consisting entirely of polled cattle, what should you do?

12. An inherited trait among humans in Norway causes affected individuals to have very wavy hair, not unlike that of a sheep.  The trait, called wool, is very evident when it occurs in families; no child possesses wooly hair unless at least one parent does.  Imagine you are a Norwegian judge, and you have before you a woolly haired man suing his normal-haired wife for divorce because their first child has woolly hair but their second child has normal hair.  The husband claims this constitutes evidence of his wife’s infidelity. 

      Do you accept his claim?  Justify your decision.

13. A man works in an atomic energy plant, and he is exposed daily to low-level background radiation.  After several years, he has a child who has Duchenne muscular dystrophy, a recessive genetic defect caused by a mutation on the X chromosome.  Neither the parents nor the grandparents have the disease.  The man sues the plant, claiming that the abnormality in their child is the direct result of radiation –induced mutation of his gametes, and that the company should have protected him from this radiation.  Before reaching a decision, the judge hearing the case insists on knowing the sex of the child. 

      Which sex would be more likely to result in an award of damages, and why?

Genetics Problems1. Complete this table to show the difference between genotype and phenotype.T is dominant for tall plants, t is recessive Genotype Homo-/Heterozygous Phenotype TT homozygous…

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