Answer the following question SAQ1. What characterises Gram negative vs Gram positive

Answer the following question SAQ

1. What characterises Gram negative vs Gram positive


2. What types of antimicrobials are there? And what mechanisms of action do they possess?

3. What are b-Lactams? What is their mechanism of action?

4. How would growth conditions/phase affect the action of an antimicrobial drug?

5.How do bacteria develop resistance to antimicrobials? Think about bacterial genetics…

6. How do bacteria obtain nutrients from surrounding environment?

7. What is antibiotic solubility and stability?

8. What is the rate of clearance of antibiotics?

9. How do these factors influence the design/choice of an identified antibiotic?

10. What is combinatorial chemistry? How could this method be used to identify new drugs?

11. How could existing antibiotics be modified?

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