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Need Help with Practice Problems. Sorry for huge picture. Directions are in the picture.

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AutoSave (. Off)Problem set test 2 – Saved to this PCNaquicha WilliamsXFileHomeInsertDesignLayoutReferencesMailingsReviewViewHelpTell me what you want to doSharedo CutTimes New Ro * 12 – A A Aa -AaBbCCDcAaBbCcDc AaBbCc AaBbCct AaBFindAaBbCCC AaBbCCD: AaBbCCDaac ReplacePasteBB CopyB I U – abe X x’ A – Z . A -1 Normal1 No Spac.. Heading 1 Heading 2TitleSubtitleSubtle Em… Emphasis11 4Format PainterSelectGEditingClipboardFontParagraphStylesV. Determine the relationship between each pair of compounds: (enantiomers, diastereomers,identical or constitutional isomers)BrOHOHCH3CH 3Br-OHCICI-CH 3H 3C-BrCH2CH3CH 2CH 32Page 2 of 3 145 words [X+ 100%8:10 PMOType here to searchMNCDWE6/30/2019

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