Cardiovascular disease & Lisinopril –

Topic: Cardiovascular disease & Lisinopril
Paper details:
Evidence Based Pharmacology Paper
Provide a general introduction to the disease entity and the drug classification and specific medication to be discussed.
Use references to validate your information.
Disease pathophysiology
Drug classification used in the management of disease-rationale for selecting one specific medication from this classification
Medication discussion will provide the rationale for drug selection based upon most current guidelines and based upon the guidelines why the medication is directed for use
Describe contra-indications and what specific risk factors may be involved in using one or another medication within the same class
Protocol design:
Develop a Decision Tree Algorithm and identify how to effectively approach the specific disease or symptoms-Identify clinical presentation, diagnostics, physical findings differential-then drug of choice or alternative drug s for use. Identify appropriate patient follow up and education.
APA format
Sources are from peer reviewed publications and textbooks only. Must include at least 3 researched -based studies, practice based guidelines or systematic reviews that are no more than five years old. Textbook are cited by chapter and author appropriately.
Class Text; Woo, T & Wayne, A (2014) Pharmacotherapeutics for Nurse practitioner prescribers (4th ed). Philadelphia, PA. Davis

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