cdc analysis heart disease physical activity

State to be researched: TEXAS

This is an essay assignment. Formatting directions are provided at the bottom of these instructions. You will need to visit the CDC website for data. Please note: if you have not yet emailed me to get your state approved (the instructions for requesting a state were way back in Unit One), you cannot move forward with this assignment until you do. Follow these steps to complete the assignment:

1. From “Explore BRFSS Data by Location” click on the drop down box, select your state. Under “Class” select “Chronic Health Indicators”. The Topic for the first set of data will be “Cardiovascular Disease.” Then select the most recent year for which data are available.

2. You will gather data for two of the questions. First gather data for the coronary heart disease question. To get demographic data, click the drop down box next to “View By”, observe the “Yes” responses for each of the groups listed and answer the following questions. In each category: (a.) Which group had the highest percentage of coronary heart disease? (b.) Which group had the lowest? (c.) If you had to cross-list all of the categories (age, gender, race, education, income), who would the person with the highest risk be; who would the person with the lowest risk be? Please note that this question does not say include data for every single category in each group, only the highest and lowest in each group. Your answer should be one composite picture of an individual (including all categories) for highest and one for lowest. Your “picture” should be a written description, not an actual picture. After you have collected data for the coronary heart disease question, repeat the process for the stroke question and answer the same questions (a-c) again, this time for stroke.

3. Go back to your Location page (your state) again and select “Physical Activity” for your Class, and “Aerobic Activity” for your Topic. Select the most recent year. Answer the same questions (a-c) as you did in step #2 only this time for Physical Activity.

4. Now click on the “Chronic Health Indicators” link and under “View One Indicator for All Locations” select “Cardiovascular Disease” for your Category, “Mortality from Coronary Heart Disease” for your first Indicator, and “Mortality from Cerebrovascular Disease (Stroke) for your second indicator. For these Indicators, how does your state compare to Virginia? For these indicators, how does your state compare to the United States as a whole? Repeat the process and select “Nutrition, Physical Activity, and Weight Status” as your Category. Select “No leisure time physical activity among adults…” as your Indicator. Again, for this indicator how does your state compare to Virginia and to the United States as a whole?

Do not submit maps, graphs, etc. – just answer the questions asked to provide your analysis. No bullet points or outlines, please. This report should be written in essay format, double-spaced (10 or 12 font), no more than 4 pages.

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