Chemistry 1 Journal Article Report (JAR).I have a JAR that is due this Wednesday (3-28-17).

Chemistry 1 Journal Article Report (JAR).

I have a JAR that is due this Wednesday (3-28-17).

Attachment Images 3014, 3016, 3017, and 3018 cover the experiment as it was presented to us.

The Exp 10 Data attachment is the data I collected.

Attachment Jar basic 1-4 are the JAR instructions given in the lab book. As you can see in my notes, we were asked to add additional information, those being: *the Introduction to also include “explanation of what elemental analysis is. *the Results to also include sample calculations. *the Discussion and Conclusion section to also include a comparison of the two trial, and if they are different then why?, as well as explanation on how you would know if you put enough aluminum in, and what will happen if all the copper didn’t precipitate?

The final attachment is the grading rubric.

The JAR must always be in third person.

EMPIRICAL FORMULA OF A HYDRATEPURPOSEUnderstanding how to determine the empirical formula of a hydrate compound. In addition tograsping the concept of empirical formula determination, the…

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