Course: World Cultural GeographyTopic; Population and HealthReference: James M.

Course: World Cultural Geography

Topic; Population and Health

Reference: James M.


Note: Answer each of the following questions accordingly. Answers should be correct, substantive, and professional like a graduate work. Use in-text citation and references in APA format. Answer to the questions should be at least 200 words or 2 paragraph. Explain and cite examples to expound the the gist of the answers.

Respond to the following questions ( in at least two paragraph): Answer each question correctly and substantively.

1.) What is the relationship between improvements in global health and the appearance of age-sex pyramids over the last century? What impact has the Industrial Revolution had on human populations, and how have populations that have had such revolutions typically responded?

1. The most important demographic characteristic of a population is age structure and sexstructure. It determines the potential for future growth of the population. The composition of apopulation…

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