does the use of electronic devices enhance the communication between patient and provider

Does The Use Of Electronic Devices Enhance The Communication Between Patient And Provider? A Systematic Review Of The Literature.

A Systematic Review Of The Literature.

this project is a systematic review of literature, i have also enclosed the previous project you worked on as a reference and the grading rubric

Write the following sections that are still left to complete in the template for your paper and submit them for review. TYour submission should be at least 4 pages in length and should be written in APA (6th ed.) format.

Actual Outcomes/Evaluation: Discuss your measurable evaluation methods (indicators/metrics). Include any of the following that are applicable to your project: cost savings, improved efficiencies, access to care (visits/procedures/admissions), patient/family satisfaction, associate satisfaction, associate engagement, retention, clinical outcomes, injury prevention, and risk reduction.

Summary and Conclusions: Include a summary of your change project, the main points and findings, the significance of the project to the nursing profession, and any recommendations for future research. You should also focus on the lessons learned implementing your change project, including successes, challenges, obstacles, and future recommendations for similar clinical situations.

Include in text citations

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