Evaluate the claims made against the drug in terms of the cost/benefit of the drug i.e. its… 1 answer below »

Select a drug by choosing from one of those listed on the website www.drugwatch.com

Research the class of compounds to which the drug belongs and how they came to be developed.

Study the mechanism of action of the drug including which receptors it targets and the resulting

clinical effects. Understand why it is used therapeutically and what the adverse effects are. This

should be conducted using a variety of respectable scientific sources including books and refereed

journal articles.

Investigate the problems that have arisen since the drug was introduced and the actions taken by

consumers e.g. law suits in the US and other countries, response by the registration authorities and

the response of the drug company.

Evaluate the claims made against the drug in terms of the cost/benefit of the drug i.e. its therapeutic

value versus the risks associated with its use. You should consider both the frequency of adverse

effects in proportion to the total sales/use of the drug, the seriousness of the adverse effects and the

benefits the drug provides.

Recommend what action should be taken and comment on any actions that have been taken as a

result of the controversy, stating whether in your view the drug should remain on the market, what

other precautionary measures should be taken, and whether the outcome of any actions e.g. by the

law courts (award of damages), regulatory authority (banning the drug) or drug company (keeping

the drug on the market or removing it) are reasonable.

Headings: The following headings might be helpful when structuring your report;

1. Brief history of the development of the drug

2. Mechanism of action

3. Therapeutic uses

4. Adverse effects

5. Consumer response (court cases/settlements)

6. Assessment of the outcome

7. Recommendations


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