evidence based guidelines the chest journal and the infectious disease society of america

Review the following associations’ resources:

1.Write a message discussing the evidence-based guidelines related to the disease process and how they can assist you when making decisions about appropriate health care for specific clinical circumstances. Answer one of the following questions:

2.You have examined a 23-year-old female with persistent severe asthma. Which treatments would you use after consulting the GINA guidelines? Why?

3.You are examining a 65-year-old 40-pack-a-year smoker. He complains of shortness of breath. Spirometry finds he has severe obstructive nonreversible lung disease. Which treatments would you use after consulting the GOLD standards? Which would you do first? How would you measure success?

4.You are concerned a patient may have a lung problem. What would be the most helpful test if you suspect asthma or emphysema? How would you know the patient has asthma based on the test results?

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