family therapy 9

M4 Assignment 2 – Case Study Paper

Imagine that you are a family therapist and are working with someone who has suddenly lost a sibling.

A Family Disruptedopens in a new window video (22:26), if you need closed captioning, please use the CC icon of the player. Note: Youtube closed captions are not always accurate.)

Review this video which shows three different individuals who have lost a sibling due to a traumatic event. Based on these narratives, apply concepts you would use to treat this individual. What do you think are the underlying issues and what model do you think would work best? Examine the family dynamics, and apply techniques, strategies that you think will assist this individual with the sudden loss of a loved family member. In addition, address how you would handle behaviors and ideas surrounding the grief they share with you.

Students may choose one, two or all three of the video stories to complete this assignment.

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