GEO151v: Reflection Essay Assignment January 2016Reflection 3 – I Have a Question?!We have

GEO151v: Reflection Essay Assignment January 2016

Reflection 3 – I Have a Question?!We have

covered some fairly complex topics in the course so far: the geographic perspective, history of human civilizations, population and migration, economic activities, and agriculture. In this reflection, you willfocus on a particular topic, concept, theory, et cetera that you are having difficulty understanding. This will give your instructor the opportunity to help you understand the topic, and you will also contribute to improving the course by giving us some ideas for how we help future students better understand this idea.Include the following content in your reflection.

(1 point) A creative title for your reflection.

(3 points) Describe the concept, theory, map, or other issue that you found difficult to understand, and what is unclear about the issue. Be sure to identify all of the relevant details, noting whether or not you understood each of them, including any or all of the following (if applicable):

the setting (that is, the location),

the people involved,

associated events, circumstances, or situations.

(3 points) Explain how/what additional information would enhance your understanding of the concept, theory, map, or other issue; in other words, what additional information do you feel you need to better understand the material (maybe graphics, background text, supplemental readings, or something else).

(3 points) Next, locate an article from a credible news source that relates to the concept, theory, map, or other issue, as presented in the course, and list one thing (idea, concept, piece of information, et cetera) from that article that increased your understanding or knowledge of the topic. You must Include a proper citation and full reference for the article.

(3 points) Conclude your response by describing how would you have presented this topic discussing if you were designing the course. Perhaps you would have written the material in a different sequence or format, or with different/additional information, graphics, readings, and so on. In this last part, you should draw a conclusion to your writing while sharing your thoughts and reflections.

Two points out of the total fifteen points for every journal entry are allocated for quality of writing and grammar.

General Requirements

Essay should be 400 to 600 words, typed, double-spaced.

Essays should clearly answer the assigned questions.

Essays must be uploaded to the Reflection dropbox (Content menu > Reflection Essay Assignment module > submit to the appropriate RE number) by 11:59pm on the date they are due.

Guidelines For Constructing a Well-Written Reflection

Although reflections are somewhat less formal other types of writing assignments, they are still an academic exercise. All written work in this course should form a coherent narrative, use complete sentences, be grammatically correct, and scholarly in tone. Here are few guidelines to help you construct well-organized, well-written reflection.

Look at the assigned topics early so that you have it in the back of your mind while working on the course material.

After reading a lesson or text selection, spend some time jotting down your reactions, ideas, and responses to the readings. Consider specific elements, examples, or experiences you would like to include in your reflection.

You do not need a formal thesis statement, but making your central idea clear early on is important. Your first sentence should say what you are going to say in the rest of your entry–think of it as a main idea sentence or the main point of your writing.

Be sure you introduce any other new ideas with a topic sentence. Follow that sentence with information or evidence (taken from the texbook, outside sources, or your personal experiences) that justifies your opinion, reflection, criticism, or agreement.

Re-read your reflection before submitting it to check for grammatical/spelling errors, concise writing, and a coherent argument.

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