health and aging 3

Discussion 4 choose one. respond to two student

1. Eat all meals alone for a couple of days. How was your food intake affected? Keep notes to record your feelings.

2. Have you had an opportunity to attend a lunch at a local nutrition site for elders? What was the atmosphere? Were there associated educational or recreational activities? If so, what were they?

3. Design an advertisement or pamphlet to inform elders about a particular aspect of nutrition that is of interest for this population group, for example Fluid Intake or Dental Health.

4. What educational programs does your community offer to elders on nutrition? What meal programs are offered? Contacting your local Area Agency on Aging would probably be helpful.

5. Ask two elders: do you take vitamin or mineral supplements? How often? Which ones? Who told you to take them? What do you believe each does for you? Do you know what foods contain high values of these supplements? What are they?

Assignment 2

Step 4: Formulate a thesis statement and an outline for your paper. For information on creating a thesis statement, see Effective Writing Center pages with links to writing an essay.

Create a paper outline using the following format:

Research Paper Title

I. Introduction: Grab attention, relate importance to health and aging, and present a focused thesis statement. For more information, see: Prewriting and Outline

II. Body: Main points and articles your will use to support your point.

  1. A. Main point 1 (reference 1: author’s name, year; reference 2: author’s name, year;…)
  2. B. Main point 2 (reference 1: author’s name, year; reference 2: author’s name, year;…)
  3. C. Main point 3 (reference 1: author’s name, year; reference 2: author’s name, year;…)
  4. D. Etc.

III. Conclusion: Wrap up your paper with a brief summary of your main points. For more information, see:

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