Health Care –

Health Care
Before you begin this discussion, search the internet for resources that are designed to help individuals understand the following topics:
· Noise Induced Hearing Loss
· Hearing Conservation
· Hearing Protectors
· Sound Measurement Technologies
· Government regulations Designed to Protect Individuals from Excessive Exposure
1. In your discussion, introduce and present two web-based resources to share with your fellow students. A resource can be an educational animation, tutorial, product description, national agency, government document, scholarly research paper, etc. Be creative and thorough when searching. For each resource, provide:
Information about who produced the resource
A description about what the resource is
How each resource relates to one of the topics above
2. Keeping in mind this week’s lecture, describe how you would apply these resources to your everyday musical activities. Then provide a critical discussion about the advantages and limitations of this approach, both to the musical activity and hearing health.

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