I am matching the people places and terms with their description for Geology 110.The people, places, and

I am matching the people places and terms with their description for Geology 110.

The people, places, and

terms are

Ivan the Terrible, Ostrog, Peter the Great, V.I. Lenin, Catherine the Great, Tundra, Tatars, Forward Capital, Kazakhstan, Inward Capital, Urals, Russification, Chechens/Chechnya, Sovkhoz, Vladivostok, Georgia, Armenia, Taiga, Sakhalin, and Cossaks

The descriptions are:

A: Ukrainian pioneers who helped russia expand eastward

B: Moscow, deep in the forest, is an example

C: An island in the Far East (The Pacific Ocean) laden with oil, gas and earthquakes

D: The first Christian Kingdom, landlocked and squeezed by Russians, Turks, and more.

E: Name for the soviet era grain and meat factories that replaced tradition farms.

F: Expanded Russia’s territories to the south and west at the expense of the Ottomans

G: The architect of Russian communism, died the year the USSR was born

H: Russia’s Transition Zone in Central Asia is located in this country

I: Under him, Russia vecame a major military power and began its imperial conquests

J: Petersburg, window to the west, is an example

K: Name for the Mongol allied hordes that conquered the first RussesL: THe colonial policy that moved, expelled, assimilated or exterminated minorities.

M: Made Russia face the West, built a new capital city, the tall founder of modern Russia

N: The name of the mountians that are the “real” divide between Europe and Asia

O: Long oppressed Muslims in Russia’s internal  periphery who’ve restored to terrosrism

P: Caucasus county Russia hassles the most

Q: Treeless plains of the arctic

R: Snowy Forests

S: Fort of frontier waystation

T: “We own the East”

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