I need help with Environmental Science….Here is my topic/questions:Recycling

I need help with Environmental Science….

Here is my topic/questions:


is an important approach to dealing with our MSW, however recycling plastics produces some problems.

List the types of plastics (Give the plastic resin type number and example of trash items made of that plastic) in order of how easy they are to recycle. Which of these plastic types are actually recycled in your municipal area?

            How can you cause more of your local population to separate out their recyclables from their trash?

            Provide 3 different methods that would work in your area and provide evidence or reasons as to why those methods would work.

This is a lecture video with information regarding the above:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OS-D72T8b5A

***There is NO word requirement, just needs to be complete. ALSO PLEASE USE information from the USA.

Please list where the information came from as well.

Thank you

RecyclingLow Density Polyethylene also termed as LDPE bears the recycling resin code of 4. Trash itemsmade of it include; Adhesives household garbage, bin liners, frozen food bags and food…

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