Identify and explain the consequences of this incident for the nurse and the health consumer… 1 answer below »

Aim of assessment Standard 1 of the NMBA Registered Nurse Standards for Practice outlines the requirement for nurses to use best available evidence for safe, quality practice and to develop practice through reflection on experiences, knowledge, actions, feelings and beliefs (NMBA, 2016). The aim of this essay is for students to describe, and reflect on, a nursing related event reported in the media and using the National Safety and Quality Health Service (NSQHS) standards developed by ACSQHC (Australian Commission for Safety and Quality in Healthcare) identify what nurses might do to improve their practice and reduce the risk of a similar error. Details A copy of the article of the nursing related incident and NSQHS standard that you must base your essay on is available on vUWS in the assessment 1 folder located in the assessments tab. Students will write an appropriately structured essay that includes and/or addresses the following points. A guide to the number of words you may wish to use for each section is provided in brackets after each point. • – A concise introduction that identifies the incident to be discussed with background information, a thesis statement (a statement that tells the reader what you believe about the topic), and outline of the main ideas to be discussed in the essay (Approximately 150 words) • – A comprehensive description of the nursing incident including an explanation of the nurse’s role in the incident (Approximately 150 words) • – Identify and explain the consequences of this incident for the nurse and the health consumer (patient and their family) (Approximately 150 words) • – Identify and describe the nursing actions, through the development of a nursing action plan, that demonstrates how the nurses can improve their practice in a way that prevents the incident reoccurring (Approximately 250 words) • – A brief reflection of the incident using the points below from Rolfe et al’s (2001) reflective model (1 or 2 sentences on each point below). (Approximately 150 words) • – What? What feelings did this event evoke (suggest) for you? • – So What? So what does this tell you about the nurse’s actions in this incident (were they appropriate, were


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