ii. Draw the skeletal

ii. Draw the skeletal

structure from the “ppp” perspective. (The “ppp” perspective does NOT include the spectating cation – only draw the anion.)

Part B) carbonyl-containing compound

Spectral data for carbonyl compound:

IR peak @ 1730 cm-11H NMR: singlet @ 2.1 ppm

Draw skeletal structure.

Use the synthetlc scheme below to draw the Indicated species.2 IMPORTANT NOTES 1] Make sure you IGOR at the spectral data "I part ‘3 first! 2) Please include ALL LONE PAIRS OF VALENCE ELECTRONS. organnlithium compnund + cal’oonyl compnund 1’ dJethyi ether /7<2- H3O+ EIH (a) organellthlum compound i. Draw the skeletal structure for the whole organometalllc compound (that 15, Include the 1“metallic" aspect of the organometalllc.) Marvin )5 @Help Edit drawlng {3

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