Need an argumentative essay on Discuss treatment or preventative measures related to this condition.

Need an argumentative essay on Discuss treatment or preventative measures related to this condition. Needs to be 2 pages. Please no plagiarism.The condition can be diagnosed from prolonged pains in the upper, rear, or below the right shoulder accompanied by vomiting, abdominal bloating or nausea. However, some of these symptoms may be similar to those of heart attacks and therefore proper diagnosis must be put in effect (Herlong, 2013).Gallstones can be categorized into two. cholesterol and pigment stones. The causal factors that culminate to form gallstones are listed as. body weight, diet, reduced movement by the gallbladder and decreased motility. The stones are mainly developed where there are imbalances in bile salts. Other risk factors to contracting gallstones include genetics, estrogen, gender, age, ethnic background, obesity, cholesterol drugs, and diabetes.Ideally, prior prevention of gallstones would be better than its treatment. Preventing cholesterol gallstones becomes feasible given that ursodiol, a bile acid medication meant to dissolve cholesterol gallstones given their molecular nature of solubility. Ursodiol, a synthetic UDCA, also prevents from their formation (Herlong, 2013). It reintroduces a missing bile salt to the human digestive system. The salts are derivatives of the cholesterol that is synthesized in a hepatocyte. Dietary ingested cholesterol or that derived from synthesis, hepatic synthesis, is converted to chenodeoxycholic and bile acids cholic. They are later conjugated into amino acids, glycine or taurine meant to yield the conjugated type which is actively secreted to cannaliculi (Jenkins, 2008).The importance of caring about the lipids is from the sole reason that they perform several biological functions. They harbor large levels of long term energy. Lipids also are crucial in building cell parts to building membranes besides being a chemical signaling molecule. Energy held here facilitates cellular level’s chemical reaction.If experts were to understand the physical, chemical and biochemical properties of the gallstones molecule, this would be


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