need help in preparing an outline for testable enzyme experimentPrepare an outline that

need help in preparing an outline for testable enzyme experiment

Prepare an outline that

includes the information below and submit it in the form of an MS Word document by the due date and time.

•Name of enzyme you will use, and its source (name of source organism if an organism is the source of your enzyme)

•The substrate

•How you will measure enzyme activity (method you will use for measuring enzyme activity)

•What type of treatment you will use; type of solution(s), pH of solutions, length of exposure, how you will treat your samples

•The control(s) in the experiment

•Sample size

•How you plan to present your data (table and/or type of graph)

•Anything else you would like to get feedback on before you start your experiment

Testable Enzyme Experiment OutlinePancreatic Amylase EnzymeThe experiment will test the enzyme is amylase. Pancreatic Amylase is produced in thehuman digestive system. It is found in the human…

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