need someone do 2 3 page paper marketing and health care system just answer 2 questions and

I need to have in-text citation at the end of each paragraphs. At least three a page, and please make sure you site where you got your information from.The questions are to be answered from Dekalb Medical Regional Hospital and where ever else you get your information. Look them up on the enternet to find most of the information along with putting most of it in your own words.I will download the information from my syllabus. The first question is 1. Determine the direct impact of marketing for the health care provider you selected. 2. Outline a strategy for the health care providere you selected to determine the utilization of its products or services. I need a reference papge. When you answer the question you can include the question in the answer. I know this is alot but please try to follow the instuctions.

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