Solution-Describe nutrient density and why it is important

1. What is the difference between genetics and epigenetics? Include what factors affect your genes vs what factors affect your epigenetics.

2. Describe nutrient density & Why it is important.

Why is the food we eat today generally less nutrient dense than the food are parents and grandparents ate?

How can we use nutrient density to improve our nutritional health and well being?

Include a list of nutrient dense foods and a list of foods that are not nutrient dense.

3. Describe your microbiome and why your microbiome vitally important to your health?

How do fruits and vegetables and whole grains affect your microbiome?

How does your microbiome affect your immune system?

What are some things you can do to ensure you have a good healthy microbiome?

4. Make a list of superfoods and briefly explain why each one is so good for you.

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