Determine the genotypes of the original parents

Phenotype for eye colour is determined by a certain locus.E indicates the dominant allele ande indicates the recessive allele. Thecross between a MALE normal fruit fly and a FEMALE white-eyed fruitfly produced this set of offspring:
Normal Male: 0
Normal Female: 45
White Eyed Male: 55
White Eyed Female: 0
Brown eyed Female: 1
The normal and white eyed individuals from the F1 generationabove were then crossed to produce the following offspring:

Normal Male: 23
Normal Female: 31
White Eyed Male: 22
White Eyed Female: 24
Brown Eyed Female: 0
Determine the genotypes of the original parents, andexplain your reasoning. Also, what are two types of mutations thatmight have produced the brown eyed female?

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