Bax and bak act-hermatopoitic stem cells can give rise

1) Bax and Bak act by
a) interacting with Apaf-1 to initiate a proapoptoticsignal
b) interacting with Ced-9 to initiate a poapoptoticsignal
c) forming oligomers in the mitochondrial outer membrane thatrelease cytochrome e.
d) interacting with Apaf-1 to block an apoptotic signal
e) interacting with caspase-9 to form an apoptosome

2) A major pathway that signals cell survival and inhibits celldeath is the —-pathway
a) PI 3-kinase/Akt
b) Hedghog
c) TNF
d) Wnt
e) BH3

3) WHICH of the following adult cell types is arrested inGo?
a) fibroblasts
b) Endothelial cells
c) Liver cells
d) All of the above
e) none of the above

4) Hermatopoitic stem cells can give rise to
a) erythrocytes
b) erythrocytes and lymphocytes
c) all blood cells and macrophages
d) all blood cells,macrophages and skin cells
e) all blood cells, macrophages,skin cells, and lungcells

5) When stem cells of the intestinal epithelium and epidermisdivide, they give rise to 2 different cells: one stem cell andone——cell
a) goblet
b) crypt
c) G0
d) Transit amplifying
e) enteroendocrine

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