Solution-Learn of evidence that primates

In anotherchapter, you will learn of evidence that primates, especially fossil species in the Hominin group that apparently led to our currentHomo sapiens sapiensspecies identity. Many of the fossils of pre-human species have been found where geologic evidence indicates changes in climate, habitat, and terrain. The theoretical relationships among the earlier “human” populations in response to changes, support

  • punctuated equilibrium, allowing selection that favored different traits of body form.
  • gradualism, allowing species to develop mutations and gene pool changes at a uniform rate.
  • sympatric speciation, as the populations had to initially coexist before they diverged geographically from each other.
  • parapatric speciation, where the survival of the populations had to rely on slow growth of their ranges.
  • None of these answer options are supported by evidence in human evolutionary theory.

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