What now happens to the rate of oxygen consumption

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Suppose you have succinate in the chamber without any ADP or poisons present. You now aID a reagent that destroys the chemiosmotic gradient (i.e. an uncoupling agent). What now happens to the rate of oxygen consumption?
A. it should speed up
B. it should slow down
C. it should stay the same

Suppose that you have uncoupled mitochondria (no chemiosmotic gradient to restrict respiration). Which of the following substrates should produce the fastest rate of respiration?
A. glutamate
B. succinate
C. fumarate

Consider the path taken by electrons from the substrate succinate. What number most closely cooresponds to the expected ratio of ADP molecules phosphorylated to atoms of oxygen consumed (ADP:O) ratio)?
A. 3
B. 2
C. 1

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