What is the length of the wildtype enzyme prior

A few amino acids are post-translationally removed from the C-terminal end of the beta-lactamase enzyme from B. imaginarium (i.e. after translation and release from the ribosome, a protease chews off a few amino acids). The pruified wildtype enzyme is 327 amino acids in length and the sequence of its C-terminal amino acids is shown below aligned with the C-terminal aminoa cids found in a mutant strain of B. imaginarium, which contains of a frameshift mutation that sbolishes processing if its C-terminus. This frameshift mutant has had its translational reading frame altered by insertion or deletion of a single nucleotide.

wild type: S N A K D W

mutant: S N A I R L D W Q M K

a. What was the mutational event that gave rise to the frameshift mutant? Determine precisely where the single nucleotide insertion or deletion occurred in the beta-lacatamase coding sequences.

b. What is the length of the wildtype enzyme prior to processing (how many amino acids)?

c. Deduce, as far as possible, the actual sequence of the C-terminus of the wild-type enzyme prior to processing.

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