Write the partial diploid genotype for bacterial strain

For the E. coli lac operon, write the partial diploid genotype (for O,Z and Y) for a bacterial strain with an F prime plasmid that will produce beta-galactosidase constitutively and permease inducibly. Assume that the recipient carries a wild-type I+ gene and that the F prime carries the wild-type O+ and no copy of the I gene. Use the following symbols exactly as shown for the genetic elements (O is “oh” not “zero”: O+, O(c), Z+, Z-, Y+, Y-. Your answer should be a string of symbols in the order OZY. First describe the endogenote (recipient genotype), next describe the exogenote (F prime). (e.g. O+Z+Y+)

The endogenote:
The exogenote:


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