Explain specific structure in the ear probably damaged

1.You come home to find your Dad and little sister at the kitchen table. You ask them if they would like to go to the movies with you. Neither of them answers you, and you realize that neither of them heard your question.
Your dad is a carpenter and has been working with power tools for decades. Why do you predict he did not hear your question or other sounds? Explain in detail which specific structures in the ear are probably damaged and whether this is temporary or permanent.
Your little sister, however, has never experienced hearing loss before this episode. She also has a runny nose and a fever. The doctor diagnoses her with otitis media. How does this affect audition? Be specific in your explanation and discuss whether it is probably a permanent or temporary deafness.?

2.Your patient is very distressed. Throughout the day, she feels as if she is moving, even when she is sitting still. She can’t bend down to pick up anything without feeling “like the room is spinning.” What is the name of this condition?
You have ruled out infection as the cause. Describe another possible cause and how this could produce the sensation she is experiencing.?


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