Solution-How much weight a person will lose

Assess the energy requirements of the body. 


Write a review on the fad diet of your choice.

1. Use the Internet to search for “fad diets.” Typing “fad diets” into a search engine will only provide you with sites that comment on fad diets. You will need to find the names of fad diets and then search for those individually. 

2. Review the websites you find and pick one that you consider the most interesting with enough information available to review the diet. 

3. Record facts, quotations, and other information that will be useful. Utilize books, articles, and reputable online resources. 

4. Write a two-page double-spaced review of the diet that outlines the name of the diet, the purpose of it, the health claims it is making, how much weight a person will lose, and any special recommendations it makes. 

5. At the end of the report, write a paragraph outlining if you would recommend this diet, why or why not. Also, review what likelihood someone will succeed on this diet. 

6. Complete your work using the scoring guide below. 

Editing and revising is the crux of this course. It is detailed, complex, and hard work. Describe your revision process to your classmates. What strategies do you use when you edit and revise? Did you revise your essay in one session or did you spread it out over multiple revision sessions? Did you find yourself lowering your standards if you found significant problems (e.g., your research didn”t support your thesis) or admit you needed to throw some of it away and rewrite a section of it?

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