Solution-What is main difference between lytic and

Biology Assignment

Use the following resources to give you a visual, and to help you answer these questions. I will lecture on the induction of the lytic cycle throughout this week. Your textbook does not provide enough information.

Resource #1 (video):

Resource #2 (text that will help you answer the questions below):

If you cannot access the second weblink on the homework assignment. Use the one below:

1. What is the main difference between the lytic and lysogenic cycle?

2. What is a temperate phage?

3. What is lysogeny?

4. In your own words, what proteins and promoters are involved in the induction of the lytic cycle (no more than 40 words per answer):

a. Immediate early stage:
b. Delayed-early stage:
c. Late stage:

5. What is a prophage?

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