Solution-Double homicide of her brother and girlfriend

It was an intense day here in the Oklahoma State Court and not to mention hot for this spring. The case of Benjamin Heck vs. Oklahoma for the double homicide, that took place last summer of 2015, has been going on for about six months now. It has drained the families of the victims and the towns people of Wilshire, yet still proceeds to go on due to the stubbornness of the defense attorney. Today we are brought in again to the courts because a new piece of evidence has come to the surface. The Oklahoma state police dept. believe it will bring this whole case to an end and bring justice to the victims’ families.

They have just put Hilary Stants on the stand for re-questioning. Hilary is one of the victims’ sister who had just come home when she saw her brother and girlfriend brutally murdered. When she was questioned about what she was doing before the crime she hesitated and was not corresponding with her police statement. The State attorney began to ask more questions about when she walked in and she began to become more flustered. Once they admitted to their new found evidence, she had snapped in the confusion of her lies starting to catch up with her. She started rambling a confession and then fainted in her chair. The bailiff rushing to her to see is she was okay while handcuffing her at the same time. Benjamin Heck turned out to be innocent for the crimes and Hilary Stants was charged for the double homicide of her brother and girlfriend.

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