Solution-Define benthic zone define the term ecological

Organism and population 

One mark questions: 

1. Define benthic Zone? 
2. Define the term ecological factor? 
3. Name only one intracellular parasite? 
4. What is biome? 
5. Name the type of interaction seen between whale and barnacles growing on its back? 

Two mark question: 

1. Distinguish between the following : ectoparasites and endoparasites? 
2. What are the main functions of water vapours present in the atmosphere? 
3. Explain the response of all communities to environment over time? 
4. Define Allen’s rule? 
5. Explain brood parasitism with help of an example? 

Three mark question: 

1.Describe thermal stratification in a lake? 
2. Explain population growth curve? 
3. List any three ways of measuring population density of a habitat? 
4. Differentiate between natality and morality? 
5. Describe various type of age pyramids?  

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