Solution-Describe possible outcomes for glucose circulating

1. Describe the structural orientation of the atom and indicate all the components that make up the atom.

2. Indicate what needs to occur for an atom to be considered stable

3. Indicate and describe the different types of bonds that can exist between atoms.

Also include the order of bond strength from strongest-to-weakest.

4. Indicate the properties that make water critical for life.

5. Describe the 3 possible outcomes for glucose circulating in the blood.

6. Indicate the 3 types of LIPIDS. Also, describe the general biological use/purpose for the different types of lipids.

7. What is the difference between saturated and unsaturated fats?

8. What are proteins? List 4 different types of proteins. Discuss why proteins are important for living organisms.

9. What are enzymes. Discuss why enzymes are biologically important.

10. List the two types of nucleic acids. Describe the shape of both.

11. Indicate the molecules that bond together to make your nucleic acids.

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