The cape wind project in nantucket sound electricity generat

The Cape Wind project in Nantucket Sound Electricity generated from wind has been developed as one of the best alternative energy strategies. It produces no greenhouse gas emissions, and comes from harnessing a free source of energy – the wind.
The use of wind energy has dramatically increased over recent years. According to the the Global Wind Energy Council, the capacity to generate energy from wind has increased by 24% compared to 2004 (source Global Wind Energy Council, online at
Here in Massachusetts, a large scale wind farm has been proposed by a company called Cape Wind. The proposal has been met with mixed reviews. Many people support the project and many oppose it.
For this project you must research the pros and cons of the project and decide which side you think is best. You must do a fair amount of research so you understand wind power in general, the project, and the conflict surrounding the project.
You will provide a written assessment of the situation following the format below in constructing your paper.
Introduction to wind energy
Describe what wind power is.Explain how electricity is generate from wind via inductionIntroduction to the Cape Wind project
Give a general description of the Cape Wind proposalDescribe very generally the conflict argumentsDescribe three factual pieces of evidence used to reject the project.Be sure your sources are cited in the textArguments For and Against
Describe three factual pieces of evidence that support the project and work against it.Be sure your sources are cited in the textYour assessment
Use the facts from the pro and con to describe which side you support. It doesn’t matter which side you are on as long as you are well supported.
Regardless of what side you are on, describe alternative solutions to the problem.Is there some other way of making the project happen?Is there some other energy source that would be better?Works Cited Page
Be sure to include all cited sources. You can submit your paper as an attachment. Using the “aID attachment” or simply paste your paper into the submission window.

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