Solution-Explain the process that dna replicates by

1. Explain the process that DNA replicates by. Why is it so important that it is carried out in this matter? In explaining the actual process, refer to the possible choices that the scientist considered: conservative, semi-conservative and dispersive.

2. Speciation is a concept that mean one species becoming 2 or more by a progression of different factors (that are key to the theory behind evolution that Darwin proposed) Some biologists classift dogs, wolves, and coyotes as the same species (Canis familiaris). Other seperate coyotes from these group, even though dogs and coyotes can breed in captivity. For what reason would either idean more accepted?

3. Give and describe three categories of evidence that are primarily used in support of Darwin’s evolutionary theories.

4. Define symbiosis. Give three types and give 2 examples of each, explaining with each one how the situation applies the example that you give me

5. Name at least 2 major and 2 minor effects that human development and industrialization have had on ecosystems and explain the impact that each has had on both the environment and life in them.

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