Solution-Physiological differences between humans and

Chimpanzees and humans are very similar in many ways including skeletal muscle structure but chimpanzees are able to generate at least twice the force as humans of the same mass.

An aIDitional difference is that humans have much greater fine motor control.

Current hypotheses describing these differences are that chimpanzees have fewer motor units for a given number of muscle fibers and human central nervous systems put a limit on the number of motor units that may be stimulated at one time.

Explain physiological differences between humans and chimpanzees using the hypotheses mentioned above.

Describe the details of the cardiac cycle during one of the five


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The assignment is based on difference and similarities with regard to chimpanzees and human beings specifically focusing on the concept of motor neurons and strength of muscles.The muscle strength in between two species are compared and reason for why chimpanzees are more stronger when compared with human beings are highlighted in this article.

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