Habitats and relationships of spiders centerpides & insects

You travel to an island to learn about habitats & relationships of spiders centerpides & insects. You plot out five different areas of the island & count the numbers of spiders, centerpides, & insects living in each plot. Your results show?
Plot insects spiders centipedes
1 300 25 4
2 426 17 10
3 147 15 21
4 739 78 0
5 79 13 93
The plots that were staked out on the island were part of the?
1) basic research, 2) experimental design 3)constructed model 

The hypothesis that closely matches the data provided is?
a) herbviorous insects survive best on islands where spiders & centipedes live
b) herbivorous insects & spiders pop[ulations are decreased by centipedes
c) herfbivorous insects feed on spiders and centipedes

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