Explain muscle contraction beginning with the motor neuron

Q.1. Explain a muscle contraction beginning with the motor neuron to relaxation of the muscle.

2. Discuss the physiological relationship of the muscular and skeletal system.

3. Ann was reaching up to grab a box of cereal that was on top of the refrigerator. She had extended her arm as well as stood on her tip-toes to reach the box. Which primary muscle allowed Ann to extend her elbow and which two primary muscles allowed her to stand on her tip-toes? What were antagonists to these muscles? For each muscle, find out the type of contraction.

4. Bob went to the doctor for his annual physical before starting in a new exercise regimen. The doctor began testing Bob’s muscle strength by asking him to resist or contract certain muscles. When testing Bob’s quadriceps, the doctor placed his hand on Bob’s ankle and asked him to extend his knee. Distinguish between mechanical advantages and disadvantages in lever systems and determine which kind of lever the doctor was using to test the quadriceps muscle.

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