Changes in vitamin supplement intake

Topic- Nutrition (Fruit and vegetables:vitamins).

1) Step-by-step description of the implementation process: Implementation: When, how, who will deliver the program? Program materials? Where will program be implemented? How long will program last? Who will help with implementation? Will it be after school or part of a school program? (( Make sure to write in details about EACH of the following steps:

First: Advertisment on the school hallways.

Second: Educate the parents by lectures about vitamin D deficiency, and give a brief about it.

Third: Giving handout to the parents about Vitamin D.

2) Program evaluation methods and references: Evaluation: How will you assess changes in behavior, knowledge, beliefs, attitude or skills?

– Process evaluation: When will you conduct it; are the materials, delivery methods working? (Are students able to read and follow instructions clearly? Is delivery time suitable for school and students?)

– Impact Evaluation: Any changes in knowledge, attitude, beliefs, skills (use program objectives as the standard of measurement). What will you use to assess this? (knowledge-based questionnaire)

– Outcome Evaluation: Changes in Vitamin supplement intake? (Takes not less than 5 yrs). Can get information from the local health department, emergency room records, local newspapers, State Department of Public Health website, CDC etc).

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