Solution-What sars viral proteins are made using the

Question 1-What SARS viral proteins are made using the frameshifting?  Is there only one SARS viral protein made using frameshifting or are there many proteins made using frameshifting?

Question 2-The VVOW the week demonstrates the mechanism by which a simple virus can randomly self-assemble. The assembly of more complex viruses is driven by binding of viral subunits to the genome or cellular membranes. How does this facilitate assembly compared to the video? Explain using a specific virus as an example (with pictures if possible).

Question 3-Read the review article by DeSouza and Summers about how retroviruses select their genome. What did you learn from this paper? Describe how retroviruses selectively package their genome and specifically assemble viral proteins within their capsids that are critical for viral infectivity.

Question 4-Compare and contrast the requirements and steps involved in the assembly, exit and maturation of enveloped vs non-enveloped viruses. What are the consequences to the host cell of each mechanism?

Question 5-Viral proteases and glycosidases are excellent targets for therapeutic intervention of viral infections. Describe steps in the lifecycle of a specific virus that requires viral proteases/glycosidase for formation of infectious virions.

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