Solution-Antibiotics and antibiotic resistance

Take a few moments to explore the campaign’s website ( 

Comment on the following based on your own experience or that of someone you know:

1.  Knowing what you do now about antibiotics and antibiotic resistance, have you or someone you know ever been given an antibiotic by a doctor when perhaps you should not have been given one?  What was the outcome?  

2.  Pick a specific antibiotic (e.g. penicillin and tetracycline), do a little research on it and explain to the class how it targets bacterial cells and not eukaryotic cells (i.e. why does it harm bacteria but does not harm us?).  This is often linked to antibiotics mechanism of action.

3.  Given how prevalent antibacterial soaps and hand sanitizers are today, do you think the use of these products can contribute to the antibiotic resistance problem?  Why or why not?  Give some support for your opinion.  Do you use these products in your house or at work? Why or why not?  To help you with this, consider or do some research on how these products work before answering.  Include this information in your response as it relates to your opinion.

Site all external sources you used in answering these questions.

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