Color-blindnes is sex-linked recessive trait- punnett square

Solve all of these problems using a Punnett Square

1) In the eastern collared lizard, Crotaphytus collaris,commonly known as Mountain Boomers, the genes for length of tailexhibit “incomplete” dominance. Use a Punnett Square to predict theresult of a cross between a homozygous Long-tailed and a homozygousShort-tailed Mountain Boomer. Use a Punnett square to predict whatthe offspring will look like?

2) In guinea pigs, black coat color (A) is dominant over white(a), short hair (B) is dominant over long (b), and rough coat (D)is dominant over smooth (d). Show the Punnett Square for a crossbetween a homozygous black, short-haired, rough coat guinea pig anda homozygous white, long-haired, smooth coat guinea pig. What dothe offspring look like?

3) Color-blindness is a sex-linked recessive trait. A woman ofnormal vision, whose father was color-blind marries a man of normalvision whose maternal grandfather was color-blind. What type ofvision will be expected in their children?

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