Solution-Why you believe which is the most difficult to

Which pathogen is more difficult to control: A pathogenic virus or bacteria?

This course has introduced a variety of disease organisms. Pathogenic bacteria have claimed many lives in third world countries. Bacteria have been controlled through antibiotics, however; resistance to antibiotics has brought back the dangers of disease that was previously thought to be under control. Virus infections have been prevented through the use vaccines. However, new emerging disease viruses have shown themselves

For this discussion give one example of a bacteria that has shown antibiotic resistance, and one virus that we have had little success vaccinating against. Share your opinion which of these pathogens are the most difficult to control, bacteria or viruses. Explain why you believe which is the most difficult to control. Please comment on a classmate’s response as well before the second Friday of the module.

Please check out the website to obtain up to date information about what organisms are causing disease in the world today which are considered to be significant.

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