Calculate the total renal plasma flow

A 30 kg cocker spaniel is admitted to the hospital for exercise intolerance secondary to heart failure. You perform renal function measurements after infusing para-amino hippuric acid (PAH) and get the following values:
Plasma creatine = 0.02 mg/ml (2mg/dl)
Urinary creatine = 1.25 mg/ml
Urinary volume = 30 ml urine in 60 minutes
Plasma PAH = 0.01 mg/ml
Urinary PAH = 4 mg/ml
Hematocrit = 46%

Calculate the following:
Glomerular filtration rate (ml/min)
Total renal plasma flow (PAH is assumed to be 90% cleared)( ml/min)
Renal blood flow (ml/min)
Filtration fraction (%)


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