Antibiotic-resistance, Part 1 (due November 15): Read the

Part 1 (due November 15): Read the “Antibiotic-Resistance” topic (Content > Course Content > Week 4), then find an interesting scholarly or science news article (e.g., ScienceDaily, Scientific American, Science News, or a journal articles)about a scientific study about the problem of antibiotic resistance in medicine today or about one way researchers are attempting to discover new drug targets and antibiotics to treat bacterial infections. In your own words describe the purpose or hypothesis of the study, what the researchers did (briefly in two or three sentences, one major finding and what it means, and a sentence about what you found interesting about the article (full credit will not be earned for responses copied or quoted from your source). Articles must be from 2010-2015. Include a complete citation for your article and other sources of information. 

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