Environment over evolutionary time-order to ensure survival

Selective Pressure and Survival of the Fittest Our environment puts a great deal of pressure on every organism to adapt to its surroundings. Consider the differences between an animal that must survive in the arctic cold and one that lives in a hot, dry desert. Each one has adapted to their environment over evolutionary time in order to ensure survival. For example, camels have developed toes rather than hooves like horses, giving them an advantage while walking in desert landscapes. This is termed “survival of the fittest.” In this discussion board, you will focus on selective pressure and discuss examples of this type of evolution in our world. Select two organisms (plant or animal) that represent unique adaptations to a particular environment. Describe the specific adaptations and how they affect the organisms’ ability to: survive in its habitat. thrive in their particular niche. Put this in a word document. references put in text citation 250 words.

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