Solution-Imitate biological organic functions

For the following materials,
1. Composites designed to be insulators, conductors of heat, electricity etc., special electromagnetic properties while maintaining other special properties (these are more traditional multifunctional composites).
2. Biologically based or inspired materials
Includes materials that imitate biological/organic functions
Tutor doubt:
Should a single composite should poses act as an insulator, conductor etc and the description should be given for the material when it acts on each characteristics or can we use an example for insulator and another example for conductor and give description on it?

a) The material’s general description and function. What is it used for and where is it used?
Why the material is made, does it solve a problem? Why is it manufactured?
b) The material structure (microstructure, general structure and description)
c) How the material is made and manufactured
Manufacturing processes used to get the material desired
Special manufactorung processes needed?
How the material can be reformed or remanufactured
d) How versatile the material is and other potential uses
e) make sure you list references

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