Draw a genetic map of the parental chromosomes

Consider three characteristics in the hypothetical animal, the zeebog from Madagascar. In the population, Madagascar zeebogs are either hairy (H) or hairless (h); crazy (C) or sane (c); and mischievous (M) or innocent (m). A true breeding hairy, sane, mischievous zeebog is mated to a true breeding hairless, crazy, innocent zeebog. The F1 offspring are mated to hairless, sane, innocent zeebogs and produce the following offspring:
phenotype phenotype (allele) # offspring
hairy, crazy, mischievous 195
hairy, crazy, innocent 205
hairless, crazy, mischievous 782
hairless, crazy, innocent 815
hairy, sane, innocent 790
hairy, sane, mischievous 816
hairless, sane, mischievous 200
hairless, sane, innocent 197

Draw a genetic map of the parental chromosomes including the gene order and map distances.

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